Friday, 25 July 2014

Little white dress

I've been really loving smock dresses lately. I only have one and it's black so I don't feel like wearing it on hot summer days. I've been wanting to get or make a white or some other pastel coloured smock dress. So I decided to go fabric shopping yesterday. I found this beautiful white lace and I instantly knew I had to get it. I also got quite a thin white fabric to go under the lace as it's pretty sheer on its own.
I sewed all last night and this morning because I was so exited to get it done and now that it's done I absolutely love it. It's a more complicated project than I've dared to make before since it's made up of two layered fabrics. I think I pulled it off pretty well though.
It's a really versatile dress, I think I can wear it for everyday causal occasions such as meeting friends but also to more formal occasions.
Until next time! // Charlotta