Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Naturally yours

I pretty much use the same makeup products every day. I haven't been interested or have had the confidence to try different makeup looks. However, recently I've started to become more and more interested in trying out different looks and playing around a bit more.
I'm a huge fan of Zoella, and I've seen her use products from the brand "Zoeva" before. I went to their website and found this palette, and I thought it was perfect. I'm not really interested in using a lot of bright colours in my eye makeup. I'm more into natural, earthy tones. The "Naturally yours" palette only has, as the name suggests, natural, brownish tones, and they're all gorgeous. I think it's the perfect starter palette for me. It has enough colours to allow variation in daily looks, and it has a combination of both shimmery and matte shadows.

From left to right: First Love, Pure, Casual Elegance, Soft & Sexy, Sweet Sound

Smooth Harmony, Lovely Monday, Forever Yours, Slow Dance, Timeless Chic

Take care // Charlotta

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